Morandi color code:High-end Morandi color scheme, easy to create high-end life

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Morandi color code:High-end Morandi color scheme, easy to create high-end life.

The painter Morandi once swept the world with a feast of beauty, and his colors were named "Morandi" color system, that is, we are familiar with the "senior gray", "cold" and so on. Style, "Morandi color" is known as the world's most comfortable color scheme, no matter where it is used will have a very high quality feeling.

"Morandi" color system: advanced gray tone. Not bright, as if covered with a layer of gray tones, not open, but in the whole picture, mutual constraints, offset each other, so that the visual to achieve perfect balance. Calm and self-sufficient, soothing and elegant, sometimes slightly calm feeling, but the more you look at it, the more you like.


High-grade gray

The room is unified with the main color of senior gray, with the original wood-colored furniture and flooring to enhance the overall texture of the space, and then with the white decorations, so that the entire room color with more harmonious, this collocation is now popular with young people.


Lotus root pink

Lotus root pink home decor is not a sub plant to heal your heart, the heart seems to be melting away; Morandi color system reduces the saturation of pink, so that the powder is no longer vulgar, but warm and soft. For you who have a girl, princess dream is the preferred color.


Haze blue

Haze blue than the general powder blue, less of a sense of girl, the increase in gray makes him popular, haze blue and white or light gray most match, although it does not look so warm, but also but not on the cold, giving a very calm feeling of the wind, either living room or bedroom are very suitable.


Mint green

Deep and steady mint green as the main color of the interior, the use of gray for transition between the color light and dark, with light colors and blend, so that the space increases the sense of hierarchy.


Morandi color is a very quiet, elegant and textured tones, the whole tone of the optional color system is also a lot, because all the colors are very soft, so casual with no easy to go wrong. The above is the Yu Shang Meijia Xiaobian shared about the Morandi color system, I hope you like it, forward to collect it!


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