Home office storage cabinets:Work storage tips exclusively for SOHO people

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Home office storage cabinets:Work storage tips exclusively for SOHO people.

SOHO is a new economy, a new concept, a free, flexible and new way of living and working, representing a new wave of productivity, an active economy, the biggest difference between SOHO and traditional office workers is that work and life are no longer clearly divided, office and home are combined into one. How to decorate the SOHO's work area and how to help organize the cluttered desktop! Take a look at the office storage tips for SOHOs, and you'll be next.


Creative book storage

Many SOHO people will make the study into their own office area, in addition to the storage of relevant work materials, book storage is also very important, the use of multi-layer shelves subject to the case books, not only a good use of wall space, but also make the office area more spacious.

The storage cabinet at the corner of the study window makes reasonable use of space for layout, and the cabinet is neatly arranged with books and trinkets, which makes people look neat and clean.

Open office area can make SOHO people work more smoothly, large bookshelves for book storage, so that all kinds of books are placed in an orderly manner.


Desk top storage

The personalized desk is suitable for SOHO people who pursue personalized life. The combined desk, with a square storage cabinet on the left, can store miscellaneous items, while the right side is a simple and compact desk, suitable for SOHO people's daily office.

Simple desk, below the two sides of the shelves, you can put books and documents, the wall V-shaped shelves creative, bird-style decorations can be hung small pendants.


Shelf wall storage

The white desk is simple and practical, and the shelves above the desk are used to store delicate gifts, with creative wall art, filling the space with a small fresh taste.

Expand storage by adding hanging cabinets on the wall to fully utilize the space. The semi-open hanging cabinet storage creates a unique sense of hierarchy and sensitizes the office area.


Display Shelf Storage

The large storage shelves stand on the wall, each level has a lot of space, perfect for placing handmade works or Taobao store owner's goods, simple construction, easy to see and easy to take care of.

SOHO a happy in life and work, can be happy life and happy work, is now popular and enviable way of life and work. SOHO a family, home environment is particularly important, because home at the same time to play two roles, especially the study is SOHO a family creative inspiration "birthplace". Share and forward it, thanks!


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