Where to buy clay pots for cooking?

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Where to buy clay pots for cooking
The custom of using clay pots to stew food, this method makes the dishes taste delicious, fluffy and delicious, loved by the majority of consumers. However, this traditional cooking method used to be a separate pot on the stove fire for a long time, both a waste of energy, but also easy to burn the water in the pot dry and produce a sticky pot or even lead to food scorching. On the other hand, when the cooked food away from the fire source for a period of time will be cooled and affect its flavor, so its insulation has become one of the factors limiting its application.

Chinese patent CN2034026U discloses a "multi-purpose ceramic steam bowl", whose main structural features are a ceramic steam cake and ceramic steam bowl with holes in the ceramic jacket, and a ceramic lid on the top. Will be set up in the bottom of the pot with water, using the stove fire to heat the water in the bottom of the pot, the water steam generated into the jacket and through the steam cake to heat the ceramic steam bowl, both cooking food, can also be used to keep warm, although it does not burn the water inside the bowl dry and sticky pot or scorched, but it can not leave the stove fire and the bottom of the pot with water, and requires the bottom of the pot both to produce a lot of water steam and can not burn the water dry.

In addition, it can only hold one or two steam bowl, can not meet the needs of diverse large quantities.

The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies in the prior art, to propose a simple structure, easy to manufacture, large body to accommodate the number of pots, easy to put and take pots, the use of safe, sanitary, beautiful appearance, easy to adjust the fire, rapid, energy-saving and energy-saving effect is obvious and outstanding cooking and insulation of the set pot cooking and insulation device.


Clay pots are more able to maintain the original flavor of ingredients cooking tools, many people are currently trying to use clay pots to cook and make food. Cooking food in clay pots, in fact, is not particularly technically difficult.

Specific operation process, pay attention to two aspects.

1, the clay pot itself is a special material, so when cooking food will use some slightly special tools only. For example, it is not suitable to use iron tools such as shovels, steel spoons, aluminum chopsticks to toss the food, but suitable to use wooden spoons, bamboo chopsticks, ceramic long-handled spatula to turn the ingredients.

2, to ensure that the proportion of food and water in the pot is appropriate, should not be fried dry stewing, in order to avoid food paste off due to high temperature.


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