Kitchen cooking utensils set,JiuYang DGD50-05AK purple sand electric stew pot help you taste life

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Kitchen cooking utensils set,JiuYang DGD50-05AK purple sand electric stew pot help you taste life.

The market is sold in the automatic electric stew pot mainly concentrated in domestic brands, such as Jiu Yang, Nepal, the United States and so on, it is recommended that no electric stew pot shopping experience friends focus on brand-name products produced by large manufacturers, although the price will be higher than small products, but safety and quality is more secure.

Today, I will take Jiu Yang (Joyoung) DGD50-05AK alabaster pot electric stew pot as an example, to briefly introduce you to the electric stew pot.

First of all, the volume of the electric stew pot can be selected according to their eating habits, the number of family members, if the number of family members, or you want to use the electric stew pot stew chicken some large ingredients, I still recommend that you try to buy a larger volume of products, JiuYang (Joyoung) DGD50-05AK is 5L large-capacity electric stew pot, even if the stew is a whole chicken has been enough. If you just want to usually use it to cook porridge, soup, 5L capacity may be a bit of a waste, cleaning will also be more trouble.

Joyoung (Joyoung) DGD50-05AK electric stew pot is recommended for its 24-hour intelligent reservation function, you can prepare the ingredients at night, and then set the time to the next morning to start cooking, three hours after the end of cooking it will automatically turn into the insulation state, work a day back from work you can directly enjoy both delicious and hot soup porridge.


Why does the electric stew pot make the food more delicious? We usually use ordinary pots simmering porridge generally need to keep an eye on the size of the fire, control the fire, and intelligent electric stew pot can be based on the different practices of the ingredients, choose from low-temperature heating, martial arts heating, heating, low-temperature simmering until the automatic insulation, for busy people who do not care about cooking, this intelligent electric stew pot can meet the demand for delicious food, and will not delay you too much time.

It is because the electric stew pot has the advantage of easy operation, time and effort saving, so gradually popular in the market. Nutritious soup, old fire soup, health soup, eight

Bao Bao porridge, mixed grain porridge, fast soup, fast porridge, gingko porridge, lean meat porridge can be easily handled. This is an excellent kitchen assistant for many of the 90s who can't cook.

Currently on the market in a wide range of brands of electric stew pot, material is also divided into ceramic, white porcelain, red porcelain, alabaster, stainless steel, bone china, glass and so on, from the appearance of bone china fashion, stainless steel thick, glass novelty, but from the market side, alabaster material electric stew pot seems to be more popular.


Do you, know alabaster?

Many people like to use alabaster material kitchen utensils, that is because alabaster utensils in the process of heating, can improve the pH, the water into the PH value of about 7.5 acid alkaline, it is a mineral coexistence of clay agglomerate structure, dense texture and pore fine breathable and not seeping water, with the effect of fresh food, and alabaster also contains iron, silicon, calcium, manganese, potassium and other minerals and trace elements required by the human body .


Tips for use

Electric stew pot is very simple to use, even if you simply can not cook, as long as you follow the recipe step by step, what delicious soup porridge can be made, but this is also to have the skills.


Tips 1, grasp the cooking time

Electric stew pot can be pre-set start time, cooking time, to achieve fully automatic work, very convenient, with the expansion of the electric stew pot market development, now many brands of electric stew pot products have been equipped with the reservation function. But after the electric stew pot cooking is complete, most electric stew pots have insulation function set

Set, in the use of electric stew pot insulation function, the best continuous insulation time is controlled within 24 hours, so as to avoid damage caused by the electric stew pot work for a long time, in addition, you can also avoid the long insulation of food caused by overcooked rotten, affecting the taste of the phenomenon.

Tips 2, ingredients are different stewing methods are different:

a, in the choice of fast stew or slow stew function before, must first understand the nature of the ingredients, and choose the appropriate gear to stew ingredients. General white meat such as chicken, duck, fish can use the fast stew function.

b, cattle, sheep and other red meat ingredients are best to use the slow stew function to stew, so as to ensure that the ingredients have a more fluffy texture, so that the processed food is more nutritious, more suitable for the elderly, children and poor digestive function to eat.

c, pork bones, beef bones and other soup ingredients must use the slow stew function for processing, because such ingredients if there is not enough stewing time to heat, it is difficult to let the ingredients

The nutrients in the food are difficult to play out.

d, any food can be properly extended in order to get a good taste and stewing time, but pay attention to the water level in the pot must be kept above 50% of the inner pot volume, which is an important condition to avoid dry burning.



After reading so much, some people can not help but ask, electric stew pot is good to use?

Electric stew pot benefits: electric stew pot using slow cooking method to cook porridge, stew soup, etc., you can make the ingredients and seasonings taste better integrated, and nutrition is not easy to lose. The aroma of the porridge and soup stewed in the electric stew pot is particularly strong. Friends who like to make soup will love it.

The electric stew pot is not enough: there are advantages and disadvantages, the power of the electric stew pot is small, so stewing things for a long time. It usually takes two hours or even longer. Friends without patience may have some minor annoyances.

In fact, the so-called electric stew pot is just a kind of electric pot, only it consumes a lot less than the normal electric pot, there are now many such electric stew pots on the market, many families have purchased this pot. The electric stewpot power is small, the time consumed when doing something long, many people will take it to boil porridge, soup, the longer the porridge and soup made the better the taste, so it is still very popular.


Electric Crock Pot Recipe Introduction

Meat porridge

In the meat porridge, lamb porridge and duck porridge is a good choice. Mutton porridge can benefit qi and blood, replenish deficiency, warm the spleen and stomach, 150-250 grams of fresh mutton and japonica rice can be cooked together, can be used for breakfast and dinner or morning meal, autumn and winter to take the best. Duck congee is made of duck meat juice and japonica rice, which has the effect of nourishing Yin and stomach, promoting water retention and reducing swelling. Soak the lotus seeds first, marinate the duck meat in salt and old wine (or Shaoxing yellow wine) in the refrigerator for about two hours, then fry the duck meat in a little oil to drain off the oil, or cook the duck soup, add the japonica rice and lotus seeds and simmer the congee. After boiling, sprinkle a few chopped green onions on top.


Chicken and egg congee

Add 200 grams of chicken, 2 eggs, 200-300 grams of round-grained rice, ginger, green onion, salt and other seasonings. First, cut the chicken into small pieces, add water to make a thick juice, and cook with the thick juice and japonica rice. When the congee is cooked, add the chopped skin egg and the boiled chicken, and add the right amount of seasoning. It has the effect of tonifying qi and blood, nourishing the five organs, appetizing and generating body fluid, and is suitable for people with qi and blood deficiency.

Stewed bird's nest with rock sugar and red dates

It can nourish yin and produce body fluid, and is a nourishing dessert suitable for the whole family to share in autumn. Ingredients: 4 red dates (cleaned and pitted), 4 grams of bird's nest, 8 grams of rock sugar. Directions: a. Pour the soaked bird's nest with water, red dates and rock sugar into the electric stewing pot (the amount of water should be slightly higher than the surface of the bird's nest); b. Slowly stew for 3 hours, check the bird's nest in the stewing pot, if it is crystal clear and emits protein fragrance, that is, the great success is completed.


Pigeon soup to clear dryness and moisten the lungs

Ingredients: 2 light pigeons about 500 grams, 20 grams of ginseng, 20 grams of yucca, 15 grams of maitake, 5 grams of ginger, 2000 grams of bone broth, a little salt. Preparation: (1) Chop each pigeon into four big pieces, put them into a pot of boiling water, blanch them, wash off the blood and drain them for use. (2) put the pigeon meat and clean sage, yu zhu, maitake, ginger together into a casserole, inject bone broth, cover, simmer for about 60 minutes over a slow fire until the meat is cooked and the soup is thick, seasoning is ready. Efficacy: nourish Yin and Qi, clear heat and detoxification, moisten the lungs and nourish the lungs, moisten dryness.

The above is the electric stew pot recipes for everyone, is not already very much want to use the electric stew pot to make these dishes now, you can use the electric stew pot according to their preferences to make their favorite delicious, of course, a reasonable mix of ingredients to make the food is also a lot of benefits to the human body.


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