What is the best home office chair?These 7 major considerations, none of which can be missed

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What is the best home office chair?These 7 major considerations, none of which can be missed.

Most of the family's living room, the placement of nothing more than a sofa, coffee table, TV stand, and now with the improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of home comfort has also improved, living room lounge chairs are increasingly appearing in ordinary homes, and even many people will set up a special leisure area at home, equipped with a favorite lounge chair, to create a soothing exclusive space for their bodies and minds.

So, how can you buy a beautiful and comfortable lounge chair for your own home? Roca nest home that the following 7 aspects must not be ignored!

1. Style

If you want to place a lounge chair at home, you must start with the style elements. Only in line with the original style of decoration, or consistent with the style of other furniture, so that the leisure area will not be isolated because of the abrupt style.

2. Tone

Similarly, the tone is also like the style, need to ensure that not incongruous, not abrupt. If you are configured for a separate leisure area leisure chairs, the color selection will be more free, to their own preferences, as well as the aesthetics of the guidelines can be.


3. Depth

After the style and tone is determined, the next step is to focus on the comfort of the lounge chair, if you buy a lounge chair only has a gorgeous appearance, but the use of people uncomfortable, it is very bad.

To ensure comfort, the first need to consider the depth of the lounge chair, so the purchase should first sit, try to seat the whole body when the depth of feeling, you can know whether it meets our daily leisure needs.

4. Armrest height

Different people have different habits, if you are used to putting your hands down, you may wish to choose a lower armrest or no armrests of the leisure chair; but if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the leisure chair, then, the armrests are higher, the seat surface is deeper chair, is probably the best choice.


5. Chair back height

People who like to sit upright, you can choose no armrests, backrest stool, you can also choose low armrests and low backrest chair, when the seat of the center of gravity will be in the human waist;.

But generally people purchase lounge chairs, mainly to enhance the comfortable experience when resting, so more people will like the backrest higher, able to lean on the lounge chair. And the backrest is to the shoulders, or neck, or even higher than the top of the head, depending on personal preference!


6. Softness

Note the softness of the cushion and backrest is comfortable. If it is not attached to the cushion, cushion back of the leisure chair, look directly at the hardness of the material itself. The additional part should pay attention to the internal padding used for what, and try to sit on the feeling. Such as the following lounge chair, Roca nest proudly recommend, comfort can be said to be full!

7. Stability

Comfort is in place, but also focus on the quality of the lounge chair. If you buy a variety of problems after using it for a short time, it is not worth the loss. Quality, to check the stability of the chair in various places, especially the chair legs as the main support of the leisure chair, should pay more attention to the structure, like the card, screws and other joints check, are very important.


As long as you subscribe to the above 7 points for you to organize the purchase, I believe you can find a comfortable lounge chair for yourself. Welcome to collect and forward this article, if there are other different views, the following message together with the exchange of oh!


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