How to place a rug in a living room

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How to place a rug in a living room?

The living room is an important space in our home for guests, the living room is the largest room in the house, whether the decoration is upscale, related to the face of the host family. Living room layout does not have to be very luxurious, but to be original, reflecting the taste and hospitality of the owner.

The arrangement of the living room is very important, it is recommended that the group should pay attention to. A living room is upscale, the key in these 4 positions! Look at others so arranged, really dignified.


1, an original carpet

We do a good job of hard furnishings at home, to change up is very troublesome, and generally will not change again, hard furnishings decoration is recommended to be fresh and light, because the match. More efforts in the soft furnishings above, you can create a very good effect. For example, in the living room arranged on a carpet, carpet specifications category has a lot, can create a variety of styles of living room, can give guests a bright feeling, which day in case you get tired of looking, you can also change again.


2、Use automatic shoe film machine

Every time guests come to visit, we will be very happy, but the guests left, and will find that the home floor becomes very dirty, cleaning is very tired. If more guests come at one time, the slippers prepared at home are not enough, so we can't buy disposable slippers! What to do? It's embarrassing!


Try the new technology dark horse: automatic shoe film machine, placed at the entrance, when the guests come, incidentally step inside, the film can be perfectly fit on the feet. No need to worry about dust being brought into the house, especially when used on rainy days, perfectly avoiding the mud on your feet. The price is not expensive, but also save the money to buy slippers, is not a good deal?


3、Floor cleaning tablets

The cleanliness of the floor, related to the face of a hostess, guests enter the first look at the floor to see the hostess has an impression, so the floor must be kept clean and tidy. But diligent housewives know that after a long time, the floor will slowly darken and become dull, even if the diligent cleaning, but also not as good-looking as the previous floor.


In fact, the floor by mopping can become bright, the key to use the right method: dragging the floor, add a piece of floor cleaning tablets in the water, cleaning tablets contain multi-effect cleaning factor, can improve the brightness of the floor, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial effect is good, even the nooks and crannies can be cleaned clean, after a week to wash the floor, can save the brightness, there is a light fragrance.

4, pay attention to the smell of the air at home

Home odor, is all housewives can not stand things, not only their own living uncomfortable, guests came to the impression is also very bad. But the odor is not garbage, can not catch the touch, not cleaning can be cleared.


A refined woman will not give up the transformation of the home. A home perfume to completely remove the odor, pulling up the style of the living room. Twenty-four hours a day to emit a light fragrance, a light floral and fruit scent, not strong, not pungent, guests will also like Oh!


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