How to arrange plants in living room?

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How to arrange plants in living room?More and more people like to put these plants in the living room, this is to attract the god of wealth into the door ah! In fact, about green plants, many families will be placed, because the home placed some plants, not only can make the room more beautiful, but also can bring good luck to our family, such as the god of wealth into the door. So many families will like to place some plants in the living room, so which plants can bring us good luck, let's take a look.


1. fortune tree

The tree is an evergreen tree, 8-15 meters tall, planted in a pot no more than 2 meters. It is palmately compound leaves, leaflets 5-7, branches more whorls. It also has large flowers, up to 22.5cm long, with lobed petals, red, white or yellowish flowers, and a brilliant color. Generally, it is mostly planted in indoor ornamental pots.


2. Fugui Bamboo

It is understood that the rich bamboo, also known as bamboo, its leaves are rich green, vigorous growth, more widely cultivated. It is generally used for family bottle or potted care, especially the "tower" shape from Taiwan, also known as "lucky bamboo", its ornamental value is high, so quite popular in the international market.


3、Hungry head

About Hongdangdangdou is a flower of Bromeliad family, the flower opens in the top or middle of the plant. As we know, the flowers of Hong Luck Dangdangdou are very prosperous and red, so it has a festive atmosphere.


4. Ponderosa pine

There are about the pine is a perennial evergreen shrub, it is extremely suitable for potted ornamental. It is relatively warm ground can also be arranged in flower beds, it is simple to cultivate and manage, and good shade tolerance, more suitable for small and medium-sized pots planted for indoor arrangements, that is also an excellent material for flower arrangements lined with leaves.


5. Money tree

We know that the money tree is a perennial evergreen herb, and is also a rare foliage plant with underground tubers, native to tropical Africa. It was introduced from the Netherlands in 1997, and it is found in Guangzhou Fangcun and Shunde Chencun. We know that money tree has thick and shiny leaves, just like a string of connected coins. That's why it got its name.


6. Ivy

We know that ivy is ideal for indoor and outdoor vertical greening species, the branches are weak and soft, gathering aerial roots, and can climb on other objects. Its leaves are alternate, with triangular-ovate leaves, and the need for potted plants is increasing day by day. It is a typical shady plant that grows in full light, grows well in warm and humid climates, and is not cold tolerant. It is simple to keep in water and is very vigorous.


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