How to fold clothes fast and neat?These good things not to be missed!

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How to fold clothes fast and neat?These good things not to be missed!

How a person's appearance temperament, in addition to looks related, the overall dressing style will also have a great impact. A person who is neatly dressed and bright and a person who is wearing dirty and wrinkled clothes, I believe no one will find the latter more attractive, as the saying goes, the face is not enough clothes to come together. So, if you want to make your temperament more elegant, you must take good care of your clothes so that you can leave a more sophisticated visual impression. Today we will share with you a few home goodies that can help protect your clothes, if you are interested, continue to read on!


1. washing machine

No matter how expensive the clothes are, the first thing to do is to ensure that the clothes are clean and free of dirt, so the first thing to do is to have a washing machine with efficient cleaning, its cleaning power must be strong enough so that the dirt hidden deep in the fibers can all disappear, so that the clothes from the inside and outside to shine up. Nowadays, washing machines are very intelligent, not only can choose a variety of laundry modes, but also for different materials of clothing to provide the most suitable washing program, so that each piece of clothing to get the most careful cleaning.


2. Dryer

Many people are still using the traditional way of drying, that is, after washing the clothes on the balcony to dry naturally, which not only has to look at the weather "face", but also not conducive to the care of clothing, in this drying process, and even the risk of secondary pollution. The best way than to install a dryer at home, the dryer can be in a very short period of time so that clothing thoroughly dry, one to achieve the effect of clothing that is baked that wear, the second can also get rid of the weather shackles. The most critical thing is that the dryer can also make the clothes become more fluffy, so that wearing the body is not only comfortable, but also no creases affect the beauty.


3. Care agent

Washing clothes inevitably need to use care agent, high-quality care agent will not bring any damage to the clothing, but also both color protection, wrinkle removal, odor removal and other functions, a great help to clothing care. Clothes care agent added rich protein extract, can neutralize the residue of laundry detergent, so as to improve the thoroughness of clothing cleaning. The finished laundry will show a natural fluffy state, even in the winter will not appear static reaction, clothing softness is full marks. Care agent has a variety of flavors to choose from, all of which can leave more fragrance on the clothing.


4. Hanging iron

If you want to make clothes look more neat and delicate, you naturally need the help of hanging iron. The way to use the hanging iron is very simple, hang the clothes in the machine and then use the handle to iron. The iron is suitable for a variety of materials, such as silk, chemical fiber, cotton, linen, wool and other common fabrics, can be used throughout the year to meet the needs of a variety of clothing ironing. Hanging iron machine can also play the role of hangers, you can easily hang some clothes, hats, etc., so that the home looks more stylish.


5. Clothing care machine

If you want to let the clothes get 24-hour care, you can change your home closet into an intelligent clothing care machine, which is similar in appearance to the cabinet, with multiple partition design, to achieve the demand for classification hanging clothes. And there are many functions added to solve the clothing can not be water system, creases invisible, odor and other problems, so that clothing to get continuous care.

When the clothes have a sense of quality, in order to enhance the overall temperament and image of a level, want to have a more exquisite and elegant dressing experience, then hurry to get the above clothing care goodies it!


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