Exquisite small ornaments, small glass ornaments not occupy an area, easily improve the sense of style at home!

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Exquisite small ornaments, small glass ornaments not occupy an area, easily improve the sense of style at home!Happy to the small christmas tree ornaments.

Home is the warmest place for everyone, where people can put down all their guard and feel the simplicity and beauty of life at its most humble. Different homes will give people different feelings, some homes look cold, no signs of living, as if only for sleeping places, while some homes give people a very warm feeling, very human atmosphere. Want to create their own home to this latter state, in fact, is also very simple, the use of some beautiful small ornaments can easily do.


1. rockery fountain

The Chinese have been studying feng shui since ancient times, and also pay attention to whether the moral of an item is good, so when selecting an ornament, you can first consider what kind of moral it carries. I believe that most people have a desire for wealth, then you can place a rockery fountain ornament in the living room, which has a rich Chinese atmosphere, giving people a feeling of seeing flowers in the fog, like a dream, an extraordinary mood. Together with the embellishment of waterfall elements, it is a symbol of wealth rolling in the mood of the rain curtain flowing water to generate wealth, bringing unlimited expectations.


2. Astronaut balloon

Astronaut ornaments are particularly hot this year, this space element always gives people a lot of aspiration, in a way, also holds the curiosity and awe of the unknown. Astronauts holding balloons look extra cute and interesting, simple and extreme lines give it a high quality, placed next to the sofa, TV stand has a very good effect, easy to take care of, can easily inject art for the overall home.


3. Nerdy bear tray

When we enter the door will generally put some water cups, keys and other things, these small things placed in hand, it is easy to lose to find, so you can place a dumb bear tray in the entrance, so you can have a welcome effect, but also to store some small volume of items. Nerdy bear using high and low tray shape, the heart of the design makes it look extra delicate, suitable for a variety of styles of furniture, you can get rid of the traditional creation of new life concept, both practical value and can play a decorative role.


4. Sunflower girl flower arrangement

Flowers will always make people and romantic, beautiful and other words associated with, want to make the home looks more warm, then naturally with some flowers to enhance, so you can choose a good-looking and unique flower arrangement. Sunflower girl flower arrangement is a good choice, its face is very online, the little girl holding a sunflower facing the sun, giving a very elegant, fresh feeling, holding the flower branch bag can be used for flower arrangements, simple design but can bring great visual enjoyment.


5. Balance ball without inverting

Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, people's pressure also increased, so decompression is very necessary, like the balance of the ball does not fall down this ornament also has a certain effect of decompression. Not fallen will rotate between 180 ° and 360 °, always maintain a standing state will not appear to tip over, so you can decorate the home, but also in the invisible dissipation of human stress, the practicality of full marks.

A warm home does not open some small accessories dress, they are put together to form a sense of style home. The above-mentioned are very good home goodies, both to bring luck, but also to play a decorative role in this aspect of practicality really can not pick any fault!



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