Bathroom supplies collection, improve the happiness of life, these goodies quickly to get!

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Bathroom supplies collection, improve the happiness of life, these goodies quickly to get!

The bathroom is a place we often go in and out of life, but we do not pay much attention to it, it is easy to ignore this space when decorating, that the infrastructure is sufficient, but life will always feel which places are not too strong, thus affecting the toilet, bathing experience. If you want to improve the bathroom environment, you must start with some bathroom supplies, the intentional soft furnishings to make life happy. The next mentioned this bathroom supplies collection, if you are interested in quickly to get it!


1. No hole punching mouthwash cup

Washing is something we have to do every day, want to make the process of brushing teeth more comfortable, you can install a wall-mounted mouthwash cup and squeeze toothpaste set. We often brush our teeth after the mouthwash cup casually put aside, so it will look cluttered space, not to mention that it will lead to the accumulation of moisture in the cup to form bacteria, so there will be a risk of disease from the mouth. And wall-mounted mouthwash cup can solve this problem, it has a drying function, can guarantee that the cup always remain dry state. Automatic toothpaste squeezer is also very practical, you can get rid of the trouble of manually squeezing toothpaste.


2. Corner shelf

Bath time will use a lot of toiletries, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and so on, these things are messy, if placed on the sink outside with a lot of trouble, and will get everywhere is the bath water. The best way is too install a corner shelf in the bathroom, it uses the corner wall hanging design, can be very full use of corner space, so that every valuable location to play the most role. Washing products can be placed on this, the weight-bearing is very strong do not worry about falling.


3. Slipper rack

When you take a shower, you need to change into sandals, so you can put a slipper rack in the bathroom door position, all the summer sandals can be placed on it, it not only solves the problem of slipper storage, but also can avoid the trouble of water between the slippers and the ground is not easy to dry, making full use of vertical space. The slippers placed on it can be easily picked up and will not be easily bumped. You can also put on the slippers directly with your feet, which saves you from bending over again.


4. Tissue box

Many places in the home seem clean, but in fact there will be a lot of dust and bacteria, the bathroom is such, so often use the items must do a good job of dust control, such as toilet paper. You can put a tissue box with dustproof function by the toilet, so that the paper draw will be smoother. For families without wet and dry separation it is more friendly, toilet paper no longer have to be wet by the bath water, waterproof effect is quite excellent. Tissue box can also be put on some hygiene supplies, to play the effect of storage.


5. Floor wiper

After the shower there will be a lot of water on the floor, if left alone, not only easy to slip, but also may breed bacteria, cause moisture and other situations. So after the shower must be the floor of the water treatment clean, you can use the floor scraper to solve. This rotatable wiper supports 180 degrees of rotation, can be flexible to deal with a variety of gaps, so you do not have to worry about stains and water residue. The high-density sponge scraper strip is chosen so that it will not leave traces easily and will not damage the floor surface.

See here, I believe you have been these bathroom good species grass, with them can really make life a lot more convenient, happiness will also be enhanced, like it, do not hesitate!


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