Side by side refrigerator:Choose the right refrigerator for a healthy life

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Side by side refrigerator:Choose the right refrigerator for a healthy life.Along with the improvement of living standards, the refrigerator has become one of the necessary household appliances. Refrigeration and fresh storage is the indispensable function of the refrigerator, in addition, the correct way of storage is also an increasingly important issue.

Refrigerator purchase attention to a few points

According to statistics, the per capita need for refrigerator capacity of about 70L, in the purchase of refrigerators can be based on this, according to the number of people in the family to calculate the volume of the refrigerator, choose the right refrigerator, reasonable storage of food.

Just shipped home the refrigerator mainly first rest and wait for a period of time, clean and clean after the power to run half an hour and then put the food, pay attention to adjust the refrigerator temperature.

To the refrigerator when placing food note: the top of the refrigerator need to set aside more than 30cm, side set aside more than 10cm space, conducive to the refrigerator running process of heat dissipation, to avoid the refrigerator itself too high temperature affect the use of performance and life.

Refrigerator general use 200 volts, 50 hertz single-phase AC power, under normal circumstances voltage fluctuations between 187-242 volts, such as voltage instability at home need to check where the problem, to avoid affecting the refrigerator use.

Different types of refrigerators for different people

Single door refrigerator volume is small, in order to refrigerate and keep fresh mainly, the structure is simple, small power less, the price is relatively low compared to other refrigerators, because the function is single, so more suitable for single person use.

Double door refrigerator is divided into two doors, freezer and freezer compartment separated, space is larger, can store more types of food, the price depends on the performance of the refrigerator, generally more suitable for a family of three use.

Three door refrigerator to increase a fruit and vegetable room, formed three different temperature zones, with freezing, refrigeration, fresh and fruit and vegetable storage function, independence is stronger, volume in 200L or more.

Door refrigerator internal drawer structure, space separation is more reasonable, food storage and take more convenient, its capacity can fully meet the needs of multi-population family use.

Refrigerator food storage skills

Refrigerator door shelf can be placed condiments, bottles, jars of food, eggs and jams can also be placed on the door shelf is not easy to dump.


The upper layer of the refrigerator compartment can be directly put into the front of the mouth to get cooked food and drinks, and the rear part is suitable for putting leftover rice, soy products and other easy food.

The lower layer of the freezer compartment is suitable for putting raw and cold food materials that are not tightly packed and may be tainted, and the lower layer is suitable for putting fruits and vegetables by the door.


Fresh box insulation can also prevent food cross-stringing, suitable for putting frozen meat or semi-frozen meat.

The lowest temperature freezer compartment is suitable for putting ice cream and other cold products, but also can make ice sorbet, etc., can also put frozen meat.

Now on the market many kinds of refrigerators, hope that consumers in clear their own needs and refrigerator advantages in the purchase of refrigerators, do not blindly listen to the views of others; refrigerator food placement is also need to pay attention to, in order to family can eat to the health of food need to pay attention to. I hope it can help everyone, collection / forward it!


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