Moving lights in the sky at night:Choose the footlights, say goodbye to the dark touch switch

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Moving lights in the sky at night:Choose the footlights, say goodbye to the dark touch switch.

The long dark night open eyes a dark, slowly get up in order not to affect the loved ones sleep smear the door to go out, the heart inexplicably more a panic, open a light but stinging the confused eyes, at this time, how I hope to leave a soft light for themselves.

The four main problems of turning on the light at night

Too much trouble

The general position of the switch has a certain distance from the bed, you need to get up manually to turn on and off, very inconvenient.

Need to adapt

The eyes are in a dark state when you get up at night, suddenly turn on the light, the strong light is very harmful to the eyes, while affecting the rest biological clock, while affecting the quality of sleep.

There are hidden dangers

In the dark, even if you throw the home environment is very familiar, for the state of confusion in the middle of the night up, there will still be bump, especially the elderly and children at home, more attention to safety.

There is noise

Night are very quiet, press the switch more or less will make a certain sound, "snap" a, it is easy to sleep indoors.

Choose the floor lamp, say goodbye to the dark night touch switch

Have the value

The scene in the home space should be unified and harmonious, so the choice of footlights should add to the overall atmosphere of the room and play a decorative role in the overall decoration style. A brand of human body induction footlights have gold, white two colors, color and luster fashionable and textured, can easily manage a variety of home style.

Strong function

A face and practical footlights, whether for the family or the user, is a different experience, human body sensor footlights from the lines, selection of materials, polishing are strictly designed, details to enhance the taste, function to enhance the quality, so you dark night action more convenient.


Footlights safety can not be ignored, can not be cheap and ignore its quality. If the illumination, color temperature and color rendering are not correct, it will have a negative impact on daily health, while poor quality floor lamps are prone to fire, with unimaginable consequences.

Energy saving

Energy saving and environmental protection have been advocated, in the choice of footlights, it is recommended to choose the footlights with LED light source, which has the advantages of energy saving, good illumination, small heat dissipation and long service life.

The advantages of choosing footlights

Sensitive infrared induction

Say goodbye to touching the switch in the dark, turn on the light without hands. Bull brand human body induction floor lamp, can be within 3 meters intelligent range and 110 ° arc detection area to sense the human body temperature and automatically light up.

Delayed extinguishing

The switch is always on standby, when you need it. Equipped with time-delayed extinguishing function, the human body sensor floor lamp can automatically extinguish within 30-50 seconds after people leave to meet the lighting needs.

Intelligent light control identification

Automatic light measurement, dark environment intelligent open. The human body sensor floor lamp can identify the brightness of the surrounding environment through intelligent light recognition system, and automatically start in dark environment and automatically sleep in strong light and daytime state.

Cold light source, soft light

Safe cold light source, soft lighting light, no heat, no blinding. Human body induction floor lamp with frosted shell and warm light lighting, soft and warm light, while using a cold light source design, use without fear of accidental touching.

Many people are still worried about getting up at night, fumbling for the switch in the dark, even if you touch the switch, after the stimulation of strong light, sleep again eyes will be very uncomfortable. In order to give a safe escort for the night activities, human body sensor floor lamp is a good choice.

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