Make a compact kitchen both beautiful and functional

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Make a compact kitchen both beautiful and functional.

Due to the limited area of modern houses, the division of kitchen space in the process of house decoration is often limited to what can be used. But, as an important place to cook for the family and create fun, how can the kitchen be limited to "just use" it! I teach you 7 moves, so that your small kitchen into a large space is no longer an unattainable dream.

Space use: According to the shape of the kitchen can be roughly divided into five types: a word type, L-type, double-row type, U-type or island type. According to the space ratio, small kitchens are mostly the first three, and the first move to enlarge the kitchen is to increase the space area of the kitchen, such as: increase the entrance and exit, additional windows, if the diet is western, you can consider using open kitchen design.

Functional planning: kitchen space is divided into clear, or suffering or themselves. Roughly divided into four major areas, the stove top area, sink area, hanging cabinet area and floor cabinet area, careful selection of the appropriate size of the kitchen body design.

Style selection: the choice of kitchen style is an important part of the kitchen, country style and luxury style kitchen, more suitable for the housing area of the kitchen, in order to highlight the laid-back atmosphere or luxury; on the contrary, the small area of the kitchen as far as possible to use modern minimalist style design, so that the space movement more smoothly.

Cabinet with: the choice of semi-closed, fully open or penetrating cabinets and shelves, help reduce the overall space oppression, and placed neat and clean space, so that the human mood is also very pleasant.

Color presentation: the same as dressing philosophy, light colors can make space amplification; bright colors can improve the visual brightness and a sense of activity; small kitchens with light-colored doors or cabinets, or even tableware, can visually enlarge the space, when you are in it can also be light in body and mind.

Material plus: others say "people by clothes, horses by saddle", the kitchen is the same, the choice of good material cabinets can make the value of the kitchen rubbing ~ to rise; the choice of reflective material cabinets, such as mirrored lacquer, glass doors, etc., can reflect light into the overall space, making the space brighter to increase the extension of space.

Lighting design: the use of different light projection, the kitchen and other areas can be divided, but also to increase the sense of space and variability; and the kitchen cutting area to install a closet lights, can increase the safety of the kitchen.

The design and furnishing details of the kitchen layout are carefully planned to improve the closed feeling brought by the small space, so that the small kitchen has both beauty and function.


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