Just 5 tips to turn a small kitchen into a big one

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Just 5 tips to turn a small kitchen into a big one.Generally speaking, the kitchen area is really a headache, looking at the pile of kitchen appliances and tableware nowhere to put, the owners said very helpless. Today I will teach you 5 tricks, so that your small kitchen can also be "big" up.

Small kitchens become large skills a.

When decorating the kitchen, try to use light colors, the whole space will look bright, simple and transparent; it is not recommended to use darker colors, because dark colors will make the space a sense of depression, will have the opposite effect.

Small kitchens become large skills two.

Kitchen should try to do some dark compartments or flexible storage cabinets, more storage hanging cabinets, so that you can put the large kitchen appliances into the cabinet, not only beautify the space and do not affect the use; you can also set up small shelves on the kitchen wall, convenient to hang spoons, cutting boards and other things, which can make the whole kitchen looks more clean and tidy some.

Small kitchens become big tips three.

If your family does not often cook smoky food, and the kitchen and living room is a wall, it may be worthwhile to open the wall to make an open kitchen, whether from the space of the range of activities or from the decorative aesthetics are excellent choices; at the same time, you have to consider the problem of how to deal with exhaust and grease, so the open kitchen hood must choose a high-powered extraction of good air.

Small kitchens become big tips four.

Make full use of the space in the dining room, such as: dining room tables and chairs can be designed into pulleys retractable, so that you can move at any time, does not take up space; and can be designed into the dining table countertop, in the following design some can be pushed and pulled storage cabinets, convenient for the usual chopping, placing plates, etc.; do not use, and can push the storage cabinet, which is also one of the small kitchen decoration space-saving methods.

Small kitchens become big tips five.

In the space details of the arrangement should also pay attention to the color matching, to be based on visual expansion for reasonable distribution. Now there are a lot of custom furniture, in determining the size, but also to determine the overall color of the cabinet cabinet surface paint color. Try to make the color of the appliances and the same color of the cabinet, so that also visually expand the effect of the kitchen space.

These are the 5 tips on kitchen enlargement shared by me, I hope it can help you, forward to collect it!


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