Look at other people’s bar, hurry to move home

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Look at other people's bar, hurry to move home.

Leisurely afternoon, about two or three good friends, make a few cups of milk tea, talk about family life, gossip, both to enhance the relationship and spend a pleasant afternoon.

Leaning on the bar, looking at the people in front of you through a tall glass, the sweetness of the heart is thick.


There are various reasons to bring a bar into your home, whether it is a large or small home, you can also design a subtle bar that can be integrated into a smooth flowing line as a helper to enhance your life.

The following is a collection of bar design effects, come and enjoy!

▼ Light wood countertops look pink under soft light, white open kitchen green accents, fresh and natural.


▼ A counter top is created at the corner along the wall for both storage and small sitting.


▼ The bar is plastered with red brick pattern to integrate the American style of the whole house


▼ Small households can refer to the use of wall partitions and corners to naturally divide the functional area, and the simple dining room will come out.


▼ The partition between the entrance and the kitchen is used as a bar and as a handy area for entering and leaving the house.


▼ Use your imagination to create a home. The balcony can also be turned into a kitchen, so you can enjoy the view while enjoying the food.


▼ The glazed table is raised to extend the surface of the table, and the thoughtful design makes it possible to place dishes with spilled materials.

▼ The same material as the wall partition, naturally dividing the area, looks good and is practical


▼ This partition is worth showing again, simple, smooth, practical and trendy


▼ Excellent view of the kitchen, wide surface bar can also be used for storage of chairs

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