Home improvement 21 steps, has been packaged, please take away.

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Home improvement 21 steps, has been packaged, please take away.


I: Pre-design

In the pre-design, one more thing must be done, that is, a detailed measurement of their rooms, the measurement of the content mainly includes.


1, clear decoration process involved in the area. In particular, the area of tiling, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area.

2, clarify the main wall dimensions. Especially the size of the walls that need to be designed for furniture placement later. In passing, we remind you not to forget to go to the property before the start of the construction procedures and pay the decoration deposit.


Two: Theme remodeling

Into the construction phase, the main body of the demolition is the first on a project, mainly including the demolition of walls, masonry, shovel siding, plastic windows and so on. The main body demolition and renovation is, to put it bluntly, the framework of the site first built up.


Third, plumbing and electrical renovation

Before the plumbing and electrical circuit transformation, the main structure demolition and reconstruction should be basically completed.

In the plumbing and electrical transformation and main body demolition between the two links, should also be the first measurement of the cabinet. In fact, the so-called first measurement of the cabinet does not have any actual content, because the walls and floors are not processed, the cabinet designer is unlikely to give a specific design size, but only on the developer reserved for the location of the water outlet, hood socket, put forward some relevant recommendations.


Mainly include.

1, to see if the location of the hood socket affects the installation of the hood in the future.

2、To see if the location of the water meter is appropriate.

3, to see if the location of the water outlet is convenient for the future installation of the sink. After the completion of the water line renovation, it is best to do the waterproofing of the bathroom immediately after. Kitchen generally do not need to do waterproofing.

Fourth, tiling

In the process of "tiler two" operation, "tiler two" away, this time can be about the cabinet second measurement, to be precise, after the kitchen wall and floor tiles, you can be about the cabinet second measurement.


V. Carpentry

Carpenters, tilers, oilers is the construction link "three brothers", the basic order of appearance is: tile - wood - oil. The basic principle of appearance is - who is dirty who first. "Who is dirty who first" is also one of the basic principles to determine the order of home improvement.

Six, paint the walls

The "oiler old three" into the field, mainly to complete the grass-roots treatment of the wall, brush finish, to "carpentry boss" hit the furniture paint and other work. Students who are ready to put wallpaper, just let the "oiler Lao San" in the plan to put wallpaper on the wall to do grass-roots treatment can.

Seven, water heater installation

Wall, floor decoration can be notified after the completion of water heater delivery, installation. Water heater installation generally before the ceiling, gas water heaters become the trend now, generally installed in the kitchen or closed balcony, if the electric water heater, it is installed in the bathroom.


Eight, kitchen and bathroom ceiling

After the installation of water heaters, the next step is the ceiling. Kitchen and bathroom ceiling as the installation of the link to play a head start, or in the continuation of the home "packaging". In the kitchen ceiling at the same time, the kitchen and bathroom moisture ceiling lights, exhaust fans (bath bar) should have been bought. Generally are kitchen and bathroom ceiling lights, exhaust fans (bath bar) at the same time installed.

Nine, cabinet installation

After the end of the ceiling, you can about the cabinet installation at home. At the same time, the installation of the sink (can not include water and water parts) and gas stove, cabinet installation before the best coordination of the property to the gas through, because the gas stove installed after the need to test the gas.


Ten: smoke machine shine installation

Smoke machine stove installation is best to arrange with the cabinet installation to the same day, convenient for both sides master coordination.


Eleven: wood door installation

In the cabinet installation the next day, as early as more than a month ago after the completion of the wooden door measurement, now you can about the installation. Install the door at the same time to install the hinges, door locks, floor suction. Solid wood door production cycle is generally one month, so in order to make the work period articulated closely, to the main body of the demolition completed as early as possible after the wooden door manufacturers to visit the door on the door hole size measurement. On the processing of the doorway, we need to pay attention to one point, if the height of the doorway at home is inconsistent, the need for workers to deal with into equal height - good-looking.


Twelve, flooring installation

On the second day of the installation of wooden doors can be installed flooring, flooring installation needs to pay attention to the following issues.

1, before the installation of the floor, it is best to let the manufacturer door-to-door survey whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled, some renovation companies or refurbishment teams will recommend that the class ground leveling or partial leveling to the actual survey of the flooring manufacturer shall prevail;.

2, before the installation of the floor, the floor of the home paving floor to clean, to ensure that the ground is dry, so the cleaning process do not use water.


Thirteen, paving wallpaper

On the second day of the installation of the floor, the home cleaned up, you can about wallpaper paving. If it goes well, the same day. Conditions, the day of paving wallpaper, the floor should do a little protection; no conditions are also okay, to clean up the floor left on the wallpaper adhesive to the topping cleaning is no problem. Before paving wallpaper, the wall should try to do "nothing".


XIV, switch and socket installation

In the bathroom, all sockets and switches must be waterproof, sockets with covers. The light switch at the entrance, it is recommended to use induction type or fluorescent type, home in the dark, to save the dark. It is better to have more than one outlet than less, and at least one outlet should be kept in the place where it is arranged. Need to know, the general household appliances will be more and more, once there are new appliances but no socket, it will be difficult to install again.


Fifteen, the installation of lamps and lanterns

Installing lights, there is nothing to say. After the installation of lights, the home is bright, say goodbye to the 100-watt incandescent bulbs during the renovation of the harsh glare - feel good.


Sixteen, the installation of hardware and sanitary ware

Before the purchase of water and sewage fittings, bathroom pendants, toilets, drying racks, etc., all together on the installation. After the installation of those "big pieces" in the front, the home is still very "cold", wait until the lamps, hardware and sanitary ware installed, the home "live", really "Live". Not exaggerating at all, you first open the dragon water to watch the water "wow, wow" to flow, the heart will be quite beautiful; the first time in the home of the newly installed toilet out of compliments, will be a sense of accomplishment.


Seventeen, curtain rod installation

Curtain rod installation marks the basic end of home decoration. You can rest a breath, busy dark days of decoration finally ushered in the dawn.

Eighteen, topping and cleaning

Before topping cleaning, do not install curtains, topping cleaning, home do not have furniture and not necessary appliances, to try to keep more "flat", so that topping cleaning can be thoroughly cleaned.


Nineteen, furniture into the field

On the purchase of furniture time, my advice is that the earliest to be completed after the plumbing and electrical renovation, so that the selection of the basic size of the furniture range we have a rough idea in mind. So, some students in the renovation has not yet begun before the furniture has been ordered in a hurry, I feel little need.


Twenty, home appliances into the field

By this time, the appliances should be into the field, the installation of the installation, ready to move in!


Twenty-one, soft home furnishings

Home accessories, the final step in home decoration, and has been turned from decoration to decoration, including the installation of curtains are part of the home accessories. As for buying curtains, it is best to order furniture after to avoid style conflicts. Home accessories also include the possibility of buying some green plants, hanging wall paintings, decorative artifacts and so on and so forth ...... In short, after moving in, you are free to play!


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