Save a long time of practical home goodies, each long in my aesthetic point

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Save a long time of practical home goodies, each long in my aesthetic point.

1.Aotian integrated cooker Steam and baking integrated cooker ZKT3

Use for 3 months, today and share the experience of using it: First of all, the service is super attentive, in the spirit of new products may need to order a period of time to receive, and I am in Taobao flagship store directly online order, I did not expect that morning just order, not long after the master and I phone contact, asking whether the afternoon delivery is convenient, and then directly booked the afternoon home installation services.


Oda this new face stylish, I think the appearance of the vibrant red design has a sense of technology like the feeling of Disney moving rush car.


Then is cooking, because we all like to eat spicy, so all kinds of fried really essential, 5.0kW large fire + 20m³/min suction + smoke stove intelligent linkage, two at the same time fried, smoke instantly be sucked away, completely but face. The steam oven operates at the same time, under the steam baking on the stir-fry, about half an hour to a large table of dishes ready.


2.Half Day Sleep Air Booster Mattress

Look at the name is difficult to imagine that this is a new material mattress developed by Tsinghua University of Science and Technology. The brand thoughtfully provided a 100-day worry-free test sleep, after all, the mattress is good, sleep through to know.

Carbon weave net (black layer) is their patented new material, three-dimensional arrangement of air permeability, not stuffy, not humid, the price is also more than 5 times the price of latex. And the mattress cover can be removed and washed, directly on the mattress sheet, eliminating layers of mattress, feel this refreshing.

I feel that this feeling of sleep is also very suitable for sweaty, fragile bones, so let her feel, the mattress was mercilessly plundered ...... daughter also clamored to sleep with Grandma in the "cloud". Watching them go to sleep, the dog also huddled in a corner of the bed snoring, this moment is too good.

3.Chic Good place wall hooks

About the installation: 3M non-marking backing, free of holes, press can be, easy to install. Husband's fat hands in minutes to stick to it!

On the practical: practical first home with children, hooks first have to have what, can hang! When you go out, mom bags and baby bags in the heavy, but the hook at the increased force surface so that the bags are hanging on the top stable drop.

About not ugly: my family's second rule, not ugly. Mica gray is not only not ugly, with the oval hook design, the value of the party impeccable. Intend to enter the smoke pink again, used in the coy second bedroom.

About the texture: both the simplicity and clarity of metal, solid materials and make people feel thick and reliable.


4.Vespa "Thousand Seekers" Wide Dining Sideboard

Reluctant to customize the sideboard, looking at the vintage wood sideboard Vespa, Mom said it was like the sideboard she used to have at home as a child. The original wood spell rainbow glass, really good-looking, with a little green white, will not look too yellow.


5.Casa lighting mid-vintage Bauhaus tart light

Before this I also got several table lamps, but also this vintage models. This is really too suitable for my home, I chose the milk tea color, the color is really super beautiful, and my side table sofa are very compatible, and round fat very cute, not open the main light at night, open the atmosphere full of sense, very warm light color, brightness is also very available, only open this light at night immediately have the atmosphere.


6. A silent home A silent wide-eyed boy nap blanket

This nap blanket of amer to boast, the designer really pay attention, many details do a great job. For example, you can cover the eyes of the brim, you can show the mouth of the thumb, and the buckle can be buckled blanket, when the clothes wear. Plush texture is good.

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